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Nohara Goto Enrolled in April 2019


Getting results and publish papers are the requirements for being "good" Ph.D candidate. However, the information we can get is limited as long as we sit down to our desk or bench. In this program, we can go out of the lab anytime and get opportunities to know what happens in the world and what the world really need. Not only in my lab but also in the world, I want to be attractive global leader who have wide perspective and flexible thinking.

Thanasis Poullikkas Enrolled in April 2018

A whole new level of Diversity, Multidisciplinarity and International Networking

A PhD program like nothing else! Enrolling in Human Biology Program I gain not only laboratory skills but a plethora of extracurricular experiences which rocketed my CV high enough to reach global standards. The calculus offers lectures from a wide range of fields; from Stem Cells to Appropriate Technology. Also, the process and grants for joining international symposiums and laboratories through HBP is easy and generous. I recommend this program for anyone that wants to seize his/her dreams as a global leader figure.

Akari Ishitsuka Enrolled in April 2018

The excellent supportive environment for Ph.D. students

Human Biology Program (HBP) is 5-year Ph.D. program that offers a lot of opportunities to students, not only in research but also in business field. I think one good point of HBP is that it allows us to do laboratory rotation. By doing so, we will be able to find the field that we are much interested in or the laboratory that suits us best. I feel that this is a great advantage for aspiring PhD candidates like me. In addition, this program provides ample amount of financial supports such as scholarship, overseas travel grant, and preferential occupancy in student dormitories. Through such, we can just focus on our research without worrying about our finances. Considering all these, I think HBP is an excellent program for students who want to broaden their perspective and be experts on their chosen field.

Rikito Murata Enrolled in April 2018

An environment where you can feel your growth as a researcher every day

HBP offers lectures by professors who lead current world's science. I'm convinced that these lectures provided me to obtain scientific knowledge, logical thinking and discussion skills, which largely contributed to my growth as a researcher. In addition, an international internship at Shimadzu Asia Pacific Pte. Ltd. in Singapore was a great opportunity to discover the appeal of working abroad and my strengths that I hadn't noticed before. Altogether, I'm thinking that HBP is a best place where I can feel my growth as a researcher every day.