Educational Policy and Curriculum

Educational Policy

A student must complete the following requirements in order to earn a Ph.D. degree.

A minimum of 72 units of the degree program and enrolled in the program continuously for certain period of time.
Pass the Qualifying Examination and defending the dissertation Final Examination - Satisfying the above 1 and 2 requirements and the following abilities must be demonstrated:

  1. 1To figure out problems and frameworks of possible solutions to global issues with broad perspective and deep insight.
  2. 2Possess knowledge, skills, intellect and creativity for planning research or activities to solve problems.
  3. 3To have enthusiasm, administrative ability on cooperative negotiation, leadership and integrated humanity, meeting the needs of the society on a global mass scale.

Aims and Objectives

The PhD Program in Human Biology of the University of Tsukuba will train up specialists with integrated technical knowledge and research abilities in life science, medicine, chemistry and computing technology who study the mechanisms of maintenance, adaptation and inheritance of human life and can lead the establishment of sustainable human life in the global society.

The Human Biology Ph.D. Program Graduate

The Human Biology Ph.D. Program graduate will be able to use the skills obtained through the program's unique educational approach to work toward the development of solutions to those global-scale problems that pose a threat to the health and well-being of humans. He or she will display the ability to display excellent judgment, make breakthroughs, and take conclusive action, geared toward attaining international consensus.