Voices of Faculty, Students, and Alumni

Voices of Alumni

Manoj Kumar Yadav Enrolled in April 2015

HBP provides an excellent environment for developing ours towards science multidimensionally.

The human biology program(HBP) has provided me with an excellent opportunity to learn from basics and identify my research interest through several lab rotations associated with the HBP. Among the laboratories working with different life science and computational biology disciplines, I had chosen one as per my interest and incorporated a multidimensional approach in my research through learning.

Kouta Niizuma Enrolled in April 2013

TOEIC 520 when I enrolled and TOEIC 865 when I completed.

A view beyond hard work

To be honest, it is very hard to fulfill the graduation requirements while studying life science, medicine, computational science, material science, appropriate technology, and overseas laboratory rotations to understand the concept of human biology.
However, it is a solid fact that these five years have been the fastest-growing years of my life. This is because HBP is an environment where you can't help but work hard. If you keep stepping forward from your current position, the scenery around you will change before you know it.

陸 偉哲 Enrolled in September 2014

TOEIC 730 when I enrolled and TOEIC 870 when I completed.

The Best Way to Achieve Your Goals

You may want to be a researcher in academia or get a position in the company. No matter what kind of goals you have before your Ph.D. program, you can make it come true in HBP! There are a lot of opportunities such as lab rotation and internship in companies both in national and abroad. These wonderful experience helped me to achieve my own goal as well. In addition, I made friends from all over the world that let me understand different culture. Although there were many challenges in HBP, all of it became good memory finally!

Yu Ishikawa Enrolled in September 2013

TOEIC 400 when I enrolled and TOEIC 880 when I completed.

HBP provides interdisciplinary education to expand my curiosity

The great attraction of HBP is that you can take various classes in practice as well as classroom lectures without bias in your research field. In appropriate technology education, I learned about business in developing countries and had many discussions within the team members. When I visited East Timor, I was able to experience many “Facts” and “Finds” through field trips. This experience has been put to good use not only in business but also in my research. Thus, the interdisciplinary environment provided by HBP has enriched my graduate school life.

Akihiro Kuno Enrolled in April 2013

入学前 TOEIC885(その後未履修です)

The three attractions of HBP ~Diversity at HBP and Speciality on you~

I would like to introduce three of valuable points of HBP. Firstly, you have a plenty of interdisciplinary research opportunities. I have changed a suitable specialty from these experiences. Secondly, HBP has an extensive support for students. There were incentives and travel grants, so you can really concentrate on your activities. Lastly, you can meet various different and promising students. I was always inspired by the HBP's friends. I am sure that your life will be broadened by this experience at HBP.

I think the best thing about HBP is to show us the ‘diversity'. This is because of the diverse backgrounds and interests of all the students, faculty and staff at HBP. As a student, you will be exposed to different and fascinating research and activities on a daily basis, and you may not be able to decide where to go. However, you will be able to choose a path with confidence with your experiences and knowledge through HBP. Please enjoy having thoughts of your way.

菊地 琢哉 Enrolled in April 2012

TOEIC 780 when I enrolled and TOEIC 880 when I completed.

Excellent study opportunities and environment of HBP

The Ph.D. Program in Human Biology provides various financial supports for students' living expenses, overseas activities, dormitory accommodation, etc. Furthermore, we can select the field of study from the excellent opportunities in domestic and foreign industry, government and academia. Thus, in the program we can concentrate on self-initiated activities and do our best to dream come true. After my graduation from HBP, I can make use of great experiences I've got in five years of HBP at the current job as a corporate researcher.

Misuzu Hashimoto Enrolled in April 2012

TOEIC 825 when I enrolled and TOEIC 910 when I completed.

Lab rotation in different places

HBP lab rotation is one of the great programs. I went to the US twice and UK once during my Ph.D. These opportunities prompt you to see your own research from different ways, which is really helpful. Even if you go to a lab in different fields from your research topic, enjoy thinking how to link the new knowledge to your own study. HBP people are very helpful for supporting your originality.