Program Outline

Intent of establishingthis program

The intent of the establishment of the Ph.D. Program in Human Biology


Humankind invented science and technology, and in doing so unwittingly exposed its health and wellbeing to a great deal of threats.

Today, our global environment is deteriorating, as the delicate balance of its water and atmospheric systems becomes polluted; within this increasingly precarious environment are chemical substances, such as endocrine-disrupting chemicals, the byproduct of the technological inventions of humankind.

Elsewhere, the spread of new and re-emerging infectious diseases is a result of the high speed at which people and items travel the world today.

In order to control this kind of global threat, we cannot rely on medicine alone, the primary aim of which is to prevent and to heal disease.

Rather, we must combine multiple related disciplines, starting with the field of biology.

When carrying out research on the human being, there are ethical boundaries that dictate which experimental methods are considered acceptable, and thus collaboration and integration with computational science is required to apply biological findings to the human being.

About the Leading Graduate Schools Doctoral Program

The ultimate outcome envisaged for this Ph.D. Program is that it functions as a human resources training and education system for the Tsukuba Innovation Area for life (TIA life), a life sciences research consortium that can lead Japan in this field. At the same time, the Ph.D. Program should help the University of Tsukuba develop into a hub for a global network of universities conducting collaborative research on an international basis.

Program for Leading Graduate Schools (JSPS)