The Ph.D. Program in Human Biology is a 5 year doctoral program integrating biological science, medicine, computational science, and materials science.

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Messages from Faculty Members

Satoshi Shimizu  Head of the SIGMA

Greetings from Head of the SIGMA (Vice President of Education)

Satoshi Shimizu Head of the SIGMA

As part of our higher education reforms, the University of Tsukuba has launched a series of degree program reforms with the aim of ensuring the quality of academic degrees awarded. Focusing on student learning outcomes, these degree programs imply systematically designed education programs which enable students to clarify and gain their academic competences in accordance with their area of study and level of university degree, such as bachelor’s, master’s, doctoral, and professional. In order to transform the current university-centered degree program into student-centered program, the university is currently formulating three academic policies such as degree granting, curricular organization, and admission for undergraduate and graduate programs. The Ph.D. Program in Human Biology and the Ph.D. Program in Empowerment Informatics were accepted to the Leading Graduate School Doctoral Program supported by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT), Japan. In addition, the University of Tsukuba newly established Ph.D. Program in Life Science Innovation in 2015. By combining top-tier national and international instructors and students with academic, business, and governmental circles, these degree programs aim to develop graduate level education that is commensurate with higher education institutions ensuring world-class standards of education. Beginning with these three programs, SIGMA aspires to further develop the degree programs at the University of Tsukuba and take leadership roles in higher education reforms both nationally and internationally. Your continuing support and cooperation would be greatly appreciated.

Messages from Student Members

Aya Takemura

I want to devote myself to study in an international environment

Aya Takemura Enrolled in April 2012

Students gather from all over the world in the Human Biology Program.
I get to experience different thoughts and customs on a daily basis.
Through this experience, I am beginning to understand what it is like to take an active role internationally and to communicate with people in other parts of the world.

Kenza Snoussi

I would like to learn from worldwide scientists

Kenza Snoussi Enrolled in August 2012

I joined the Human Biology Program because it offers a rich variety of experiences and opportunities. It allows us to meet with eminent scientists around the world who visit us to present their research. Thus we could discuss with them directly and also have the possibility to join their team to perform experiments and to learn more from them. This ultimately enables us to broaden our horizon of knowledge.

Yuki Miura

Best opportunities to do internships overseas

Yuki Miura Enrolled in April, 2012

As part of the Appropriate Technology course, I went to East Timor in September and spent time with the local people. By talking with them, I came to understand how they think. It was a good opportunity to think about what they need and what I can do for the world.

Takuya Kikuchi

Five years of adequate financial support allowing students to concentrate on study and research

Takuya Kikuchi Enrolled in April 2012

Because we can receive enough financial support, we are relieved of any financial burden and we can devote ourselves to our study.
In addition, we can choose the optimum environment for each of us individually because of the support provided to go abroad for one and a half years and the guaranteed housing in halls of residence. Particularly, the opportunities to study abroad such as the Internship in Overseas Companies are attractive to me. I can devote myself to a variety of ways of studying in this special program thanks to receiving this strong financial support.

Liang Sha

The environment which gives us a variety of opportunities to make our dreams come true

Liang Sha Enrolled in April, 2012

This program nurtures not only researchers but also talented professionals who can take active roles in business companies and as entrepreneurs. This program provides us with a variety of opportunities to make our dreams come true, such as the International Research Rotation, the Internship in Overseas Companies, and the Appropriate Technology course.

Misuzu Hashimoto

Mixing with world-class science leaders

Misuzu Hashimoto Enrolled in April, 2012

My personal recommendation of the HBP courses is the World Science Leaders Seminar. We can learn about the research of some the world’s top-level leaders while we are in Tsukuba. Moreover, the size of the audiences is much smaller than in some conferences, so our discussion tends to be active. I believe this course is very attractive.

Nguyen Le Thuy Thi

“Make it possible for our future and for human being”

Nguyen Le Thuy Thi Enrolled in August, 2012

I entered Human Biology Program on September 2012. The program supports and fosters the students to develop the research studies and projects of our aspirations. From learning and discuss with many scientists and researchers; spending time for field trips in many countries, students approach on the matters. Then we can make a network to connect people in the world to work together to solve the global problems.

Eszter Tothi

I want to learn about the molecular basis of life

Eszter Toth Enrolled in August, 2012

When I first heard about Human Biology Program, I immediately got excited. I have never studied biology before, since my academic background is chemistry. However I have always been fascinated by the chemical complexity of molecular interactions in biology. Human Biology Program provides a great opportunity for people with different backgrounds to exchange ideas, do cutting-edge research and thus put our understanding of life into a new perspective.

Emre Bektik

A Global Perspective Aiming to Grow Up Science and Business Leaders of the Future

Emre Bektik Enrolled in August, 2012

Human Biology Program (HBP) is a unique and new style of Ph.D. program aiming to grow up pioneering world-class scientist and business leaders for the future. I am proud of being a member of this excellent family.
In every sense, this program adds us precious experiences including international collaborations, overseas researches, business-oriented science, etc. With its interdisciplinary and international educational approaches, HBP prepares us a worthy science and/or business career with a powerful background for the near future. Without a doubt, HBP is going to be a milestone and a great inception for my future science career.




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