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Mr. Kouta Niizuma, 3rd year student, published a first author paper “Identification and Characterization of CD300H, a New Member of the Human CD300 Immunoreceptor Family” in The Journal of Biological Chemistry.

~Identification and characterization of a novel immunoreceptor expressed on innate immune cells~

Mr. Kouta Niizuma, 3rd year in Ph.D. program in Human Biology , published first author paper in the Journal of Biological Chemistry in September 4th, 2015.
CD300 family receptors are expressed on innate immune cells and play important roles in regulation of innate immune responses.
Mr. Niizuma and colleagues identified CD300H, a new member of the human CD300 family receptors, and found that CD300H is expressed on patrolling monocyte (pMo) and transmits activating signal for production of neutrophil chemoattractant.
Their findings suggest that CD300H plays an important role in host defense against bacterial and viral infections.