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The final presentation of Appropriate Technology class (Saturday, December 10)

The final presentation of Appropriate Technology class (Saturday, December 10).

Subject: Appropriate Technology
PhD Program in Human Biology,
PhD Program in Humanics
Master's Program in Medical Sciences

Appropriate Technology Final Pitch

Date and time

Saturday, December 10th, 13: 00-17: 00


Laboratory of Advanced Research A110[Google map]

Participation via Zoom is also possible. You can register at
https://forms.gle/zyVM9tAV6ieinfeC9 to receive the event link.

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Final Pitch 2022 marks the 10th year of the Appropriate Technology Course.
This year, different teams focused on improving students’ lives and developing tools for a sustainable educational system. Students of the Ph.D. Program of Human Biology, Ph.D. Program in Humanics, and Frontier Medical Science have visited places in Kanto and Kansai regions to learn more about the issues they are trying to address. In the past six months, they have developed technology prototypes that were appropriate to the target user ’s needs. They will be sharing their project’s journey and presenting its business potential. There will also be a demo showcasing user experience and how it is expected to improve the Quality of Life.

Based on the issues discovered locally and the issues they investigated, they are working to materialize the solutions to the issues through a process with business model construction in mind. Please take a look at the student presentations.

Kenji Irie

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