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All applicants should check the notice board and should be present at the waiting room by 9:30 on each examination date.
They are not allowed to enter the examination room before the examination.

1.On the examination

  • (1) All applicants are requested to carry the Admission Ticket to the examination during the examination.
  • (2) All applicants should be present at the examination room and take the indicated seat 10 minutes prior to the examination-starting time. All communication equipments, including mobile phones, must be turned off with alarms being switched off as well.
  • (3) A clock is available in the examination rooms and every applicant may have a watch of his/her own. Any communication equipment is not allowed to be in use as a watch.
  • (4) Applicants who are within 30 minutes late are allowed to take the examination. Applicants who are over 30 minutes late, caused by a reason beyond the control, should contact the Examination Office (see 4. below) as soon as possible.
  • (5) The Admission Ticket should be put on the desk at the ID number during the written examination. Applicants who have not carried the Admission Ticket should contact the Examination Office (see 4. below).
  • (6) Each applicant must take all examinations; a written examination, an interview and a group session test. Applicants who miss one of them are not eligible for taking the whole examination.
  • (7) Applicants' ID number must be written on each answering sheet in clear block letters. An answering sheet without readable ID number will not be the subject of grading.
  • (8) Applicants are allowed to use only pencils and erasers which must be prepared by themselves. No writing equipment for loan is available.
  • (9) The applicant who made a cheating or interrupted the examination will lose the eligibility for the examination. He/she is ordered to be out of the examination room immediately.
  • (10) In the written examination, all applicants must stay in the room for at least 30 minutes from the starting time.
  • (11) If you finish your answer before the scheduled ending time, then raise your hand and follow the instruction of the examiners.
  • (12) Upon the end of the written examination, stop writing immediately.
  • (13) Follow the instruction of examiners for submitting question/ answering sheets and memorandums.
  • (14) Follow the written/oral instruction of the notice/the examiners for the interview and the group session test.
  • (15) Follow instructions of the examiners when they are given.


Around the examination site or TX Tsukuba station, someone might offer you, with payment, the result-notice-telegram etc. University of Tsukuba never commits such offers. Some might be disguised as a university member, yet they are totally irrelevant to the university. Notice that University of Tsukuba is never responsible for the response to such offers.

  • (1) Keep informed on the examination via the web site/the board/ oral announcement.
  • (2) Check the location of the examination room before the examination date. Applicants are not allowed to enter the examination room before 9:40 on the examination date.
  • (3) University will offer no information of accommodations to applicants.

3.Announcement of successful applicants

Successful applicants will be announced on the program website and also they will receive an official document from SIGMA office.

4.Contact Information

  • (1) Division of Educational Renovation Support Tel: 029-853-2238
  • (2) The examination office Tel: 029-853-5835 (Valid only on Examination day)

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