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HBP students participated in Program for Leading Graduate Schools Forum 2017

Program for Leading Graduate Schools Forum 2017 was held at Nagoya Marriott Associa Hotel for 3 days from Oct 19th to 21st hosted by Nagoya University. 3 students from HBP participated in the forum (Mr. Arvin Lapiz VALDERRAMA、Ms. Sakura Eri Bautista MAEZONO、Mr. Kotaro Sakamoto)

Inspired by the keynote speeches which were held in the 20th morning by Mr.Michinari Hamaguchi (President, Japan Science and Technology Agency) and Ms. Haruno Yoshida (President, BT Japan), our 3 students recognized the vision of desired human resources with PhD and talked about their passions to lead a social development in the field of research and business.

In the 20th afternoon, the students from the PhD programs which have been adopted and supported by MEXT since 2011 presented their outcomes of researches in each program. In this session, Mr. Arvin Lapiz VALDERRAMA represented HBP.

In the poster presentations, students picked a topic from 3 categories of directions, Industrial Leader, Academia Leader, and International Leader, which they would pursue in future, and presented their outcomes of current activities and future plans as a leader. They provided guests from companies, researchers and students from other universities with a clear explanation about the activities they are working on in HBP.

In this session, each participant voted a presenter who left the biggest impression on him/her. 160 students from Leading Universities selected the most excellent presentation (Student Award) over 3 categories. Ms. Sakura Eri Bautista MAEZONO received not only International Future Award but Student Award, and Mr. Kotaro Sakamoto received Academic Future Award. Here are comments from our award-winning students.

Ms. Sakura Eri Bautista MAEZONO, HBP 3rd year

International Future Leader Award
Student Award

I am in awe receiving not only one award but two. I went to Nagoya with a goal in mind and that was to be able to represent the HBP family to the best of my ability. I am extremely grateful to be able to do that. Before going to the Nagoya Leading Forum, I had self doubts since I am not just a doctoral student but a mother as well. Trying to balance those two aspects in my life was never easy. Having been cheered by the people who listened to me as I presented my poster and being recognized in this forum gave me the confidence that I can work my way up in becoming International leader in the future and there is no room for doubts. Lastly, I would like to take this opportunity to thank HBP for their moral and financial support, Prof. Hayashi for his guidance and mentorship, and my family, for being my inspiration.

Mr. Kotaro Sakamoto, HBP 2nd year

Academic Future Leader Award

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