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The 6th Human Biology Symposium was held.

The Human Biology Symposium hosted by Ph.D. Program in Human Biology (HBP) is held as a part of Tsukuba Global Science Week (TGSW) every year. The 6th Symposium this year consists of 3 sessions “Transboader Networking in Human Biology,” ”Crossing the Border,” and “Student Presentations.”

In “Transboader Networking in Human Biology,” we invited researchers from CiC (Campus in Campus) partner universities who are conducting researches in Human Biology. In CiC introduction sessions, top researchers of each university introduced their cutting-edge researches and unique education systems, while in CiC science session, sharing the achievements of their newest researches in Human Biology. This session will contribute to enable deep understanding with each other and stimulate the collaboration of research and education between CiC partner universities.

“Crossing the border” was held with financial support provided by the University as a result of winning at campus competition. This session aims to solve global issues such as poverty, disaster prevention, environment and medicine issues. We had lectures by invited collaboration pioneers to share their methods of problem solving across different research fields, and success and failure cases. The latter part of the session enabled students to learn methods of breaking through borders such as those of nations and research fields, provided with situations (role play workshop) that realistically simulate a collaborative relationship.

“Student presentations” was held for 3 days. 90 participants from various countries such as the US, Taiwan and Brazil presented, including oral presentations and poster presentations. Out of 11 participants from HBP, 4 students received awards; two for Outstanding Speaker Award (the 2nd place in oral presentation), one for Best Poster Award (1st in poster presentation) and one for Outstanding Speaker Award (2nd in poster presentation). Here are comments from the winners.

“Transboader Networking in Human Biology” lecture by Prof. Akiyoshi Fukamizu
“Crossing the border” group photo
“Student presentations” Award winners (medical and biology area)
Best Poster Award Mr. Jong-Chan Hwang (HBP 5th year)
Outstanding Poster Award Mr. Riku Suzuki
(HBP 1st year)
Outstanding Speaker Award Mr. Weizhe Lu
(HBP 4th year)

Outstanding Speaker Award (2nd place in oral presentation)

Mr. Chih-Yao Liu, HBP 5th year (Hayashi Labo: International Institute for Integrative Sleep Medicine)

I always consider that the ability to share the scientific discovery to other people is as important as the scientific discovery itself. Hence, It was a great experience for me to share and discuss my study with the audience in Tsukuba Global Science Week. Moreover, It is a great honor for me to be awarded this prize. Thank my advisor and all the members involved in my study for all the help.

Outstanding Speaker Award (2nd place in oral presentation)

Mr. Weizhe Lu, HBP 4h year (Fukamizu Labo: Molecular Biology )

It was a great honor to present my research work and get the outstanding speaker award on Tsukuba Global Science Week. I was able to meet and discuss with various researchers who gave me a lot of suggestions and advices.

These comments will help me improving my research that I was really appreciated. I would also express my sincere gratitude to my supervisor and all members in our laboratory for their supporting all the time.

Best Poster Award (1st place in poster presentation)

Mr. Jong-Chan Hwang, HBP 5h yea (Kato Labo: Experimental Pathology)

It's an honor to get this award. The ability of everyone's love existing in a small community 'laboratory' made this glorious result transcend my poor ability. It was the first poster and presentation at the academic conference in my life. When I first completed the poster, there were so many things missing. But, the advice from teachers and students in my laboratory moved me. When I made the poster, I was able to see how much I have grown in HBP program. Of course, there is an improvement in research ability, but I see myself the growth as a human. This program has a strong power to grow one person into the right person and global leader as well.Thanks to this program, I live every day with excited anticipation that it will be better and more amazing tomorrow. It's an honor to have Ph.D. in this program. I give all glory to Jesus Christ.

Outstanding Poster Award (2nd place in poster presentation)

Mr. Riku Suzuki, HBP 1st year (Takahashi Labo: Anatomy and Embryology )

I am proud of receiving Outstanding Poster Award in TGSW. It was first time for me to participate in academic meeting as a presenter and I was very glad that people who got interest in my research came to my poster. Discussion with them was great experience. TGSW is an international meeting. I had to explain about my research in English. Experience in HBP and my laboratory helped me to improve my English, so I could explain better than I thought. I want to continue to join in academic meeting actively. Finally, I would like to express my gratitude to my supervisors and members in laboratory of anatomy and embryology.

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