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The 4th FDSD seminar of 2014

The 4th FDSD seminar of 2014 was held at the Laboratory of Advanced Research A on Thursday, November 27. The theme of this seminar was “Theory and Practice of Professional Coaching”.
This was initially organized as the 4th class of a series of the concentrated lectures on “Entrepreneurship Training ” in HBP. Faculties and staff members had a great opportunity to learn coaching skills with students.
The aim of “Entrepreneurship Training” organized by Professor Harada is designed

  • 1) To learn basic knowledge and skills for making venture/enterprise, and for continuation of business as fruits of (basic) researches.
  • 2) To learn “entrepreneurial way of thinking and mindsets” to brush up own capacity(=competence) to overcome unexpected difficulties and unknown environments encountered in professional carriers as leaders in various fields.

To accomplish these aims, various lecturers who have wide-range experiences on making new businesses, business operation, fund managing and project management are invited in this class at every lesson.

In this FDSD seminar, Mr. Adrian Gen Tsukamoto, an executive coach of an international consulting firm Coach A, conduct 22 attendees by showing coaching skills and practice as an essential part of human resource management.
Prior to the lesson, attendees had been requested to assign their own vision and goals in future. Participants received a lesson while taking a harmonious and good communication. All attendees formed pairs and tried to coach each other. Finally, attendees learned the following issues.

  • 1) What is “coaching”?
  • 2) Importance of coaching as a part of human resource management
  • 3) Practical skills of coaching

At the end of this lecture and practice, students found a clear way to archive their vison and goals in the future. But, there were some students forced to understand that their future plans were too optimistic to realize their goals.
Through this lesson, participants found how the coaching skill is useful toward their future.

What's New