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Initiation Senminar in 2014

Ph.D.Program in Human Biology and the Doctoral Program in Biomedical Sciences hosted an initiation seminar for first year students from 18th to 19th of April 2014.

The seminar aims to think the way in which the students who have many chances or choices in HBP build up their career. We invited some special instructors on each day and they provided opportunities to comprehend a wide variety of possible feature to students. It was an impressed seminar to clarify what students want to do.

In the end of the seminar, students took a presentation based on discussions with their classmates and instructors. The seminar was well received by all of participants with enthusiasm and passion.

The lectures in Initiation seminar.

Instructor Title
Masafumi Muratani, Ph.D.
Associate Professor
Department of Genome Biology, Faculty of Medicine
University of Tsukuba
Discovering your science through career development
Tito Akindele, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor
School of Integrative and Global Majors (SIGMA)
University of Tsukuba
A Scientist in the 21st Century and Beyond
Juran Kato, Ph.D.
Associate Director
Extra Value Generation and General Medicine Drug Discovery Unit (XVGen DDU)
Pharmaceutical Research Division
Takeda Pharmaceutical Company Limited
What Happens when Average Post-grad Student Goes Abroad
Keiko Sugimoto, Ph.D.
Group leader
Center for Sustainable Resource Science
Getting an Independent PI Position in Science
Taiki Kitajima, MBA
Learning Initiative Inc. Founder, Chief Executive Officer
The crucial factor for aspiring your careers andlives

Student voices

The initiation seminar was a very stimulating experience.The lectures by guest lecturers were very thought-provoking and inspiring, and I enjoyed listening about how they became who they are, and getting to know their different backgrounds and experiences. It was also a great opportunity to discuss about our research interests and career paths with classmates and professors. I especially thought the casual atmosphere of the seminar helped students get to know the professors as well as guest lecturers.

(Ms. YumiKawamura)

At the initiation seminar, I had the opportunity to face real world scientists,where their experiences allowed me to focus on a distinctive aim where I am shall be facing, at the same time widened the field of view to various options. By having the chance to personally question such pioneers, I realized that being a researcher is not necessarily the only path, and career planning is not a decided railway tract that we should be following. I also believe this seminar truly reminded the importance of coordination and collaboration and opinion sharing through team working, which would certainly be crucial for my future works in HBP.

(Mr. YukiTsunakawa)

It was really impressive to have listened to talks from researchers belong to various background and environment, and realized how it differs from working as a PI or at the company, and even doing research combined with business. Group discussion and presentation also provides chances to listen to students of same age on how they think of their career and help fulfill each other's plan. Although two day is way too short to clarify our goals, it's definitely a successful first step to our future!

(Ms. Xu Haojun)

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