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Takato Honda receives Best Presentation Award at the International Symposium on Life Sciences in Taiwan

(National Taiwan University in Taipei, Taiwan on December 21, 2013)

Mr. Takato Honda, 1st-year student of the Ph.D. Program in Human Biology, won the First Place for Oral Presentation at the 12th NTU-Japan International Student Symposium on Life Sciences, took place at the National Taiwan University in Taipei, Taiwan. His research presentation titled “Induction of Associative Olfactory Memory by Targeted Activation of the Memory Circuits in Drosophila Larvae” was selected by the international panel of judges from various fields of science as the Best Presentation Award for the Symposium.

The NTU-Japan International Student Symposium on Life Sciences is held as part of research and educational exchanges among National Taiwan University, Kyoto University, and University of Tsukuba. The universities offer the symposium in association with their distance-learning lecture series using teleconferencing, also known as International Discussion on Human Biology I, II in the HBP courses. All graduate students attended from three universities made presentations in a wide variety of research areas on the day.

Takato Honda, left, awarded First Prize

What's New