The Ph.D. Program in Human Biology is a 5 year doctoral program integrating biological science, medicine, computational science, and materials science.

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There is a wide range of research groups in the Ph.D. Program in Human Biology including from the Medical, Life, Materials, and Computational Sciences, and students actively participate in the research of these groups.
The principal academic advisor will be determined from the full-time instructors already assigned as research supervisors for the Ph.D. Program according to the student’s preference. After the principal academic advisor is assigned, a co-advisor in a research field different from that of the principal advisor will be identified based on consultation between the principal advisor and the student. It is recommended that the co-advisor be selected beyond the boundaries between academia and industry and among biological, medical, mathematical, and information sciences.

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Ph.D. Program in Human Biology

School of Integrative and Global Majors (SIGMA),
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